Columbia University, New York, NY Class of 2015
B.A. in Computer Science - Mathematics

Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, MI Class of 2011


Voltus, Remote, Summer 2021 - present
Senior Software Engineer

  • Building ELT-style data pipeline to ingest Salesforce data into Clickhouse and perform data quality checks for analytics use-cases

  • Tech lead for project to capture ~$100,000 in unbilled revenue from smart meter service charges

Cityblock Health, Brooklyn, NY, Summer 2018 - Summer 2020
Staff Software Engineer

  • Tech lead for a team responsible for ETL and data governance. Managed work of three other engineers, conducted weekly 1-1’s, ran sprint plannings, managed bug and feature backlog.

  • Developed common schema for medical insurance claims and evangelized its use amongst data analytics and data science teams

  • Built Airflow/Google Cloud Dataflow-powered pipelines to transform claims from multiple vendors into common schema

AppNexus, New York, NY, Fall 2015 - Summer 2018
Software Engineer

  • Broke out ad rendering code into standalone service, reducing memory pressure and increasing stability of impbus (AppNexus’ core revenue application)

  • Large refactor of ad rendering code, allowing clients to more accurately preview new banner, video, and native ads

  • Carried out SRE responsibilities for global adserving system (>2 million QPS at peak)

Columbia University Reliable Computing Systems Lab, New York, NY, 2014 - 2015
Security Researcher

  • Reproduced and catalogued varieties of concurrency-based attacks on Linux and BSD kernels

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY, 2013 - 2015
Backend Software Engineer

  • Optimized map zoom and image fetch workflows in GeoMapApp, the GIS frontend for the largest publically available dataset of high-resolution ocean floor maps

Languages, Technologies

C | Scala | Python | JS
Scio | Airflow | Google Cloud (Dataflow, BigQuery, PubSub, K8s Engine)


Jazz Pianist and Composer